Gold Coast Jazz Society 2023-2024 Concert Season

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Mary Porter and Jeanette Russell join a growing list of leading women philanthropists in Broward County, those who want to see their legacies used to make the communities in which they lived a better place. For years, Jeanette, who was fondly known as “Lady Jazz,” attended jazz concerts and parties around the country. Thanks to her bequest to the Gold Coast Jazz Society, aspiring jazz students are able to attend jazz camps, colleges and universities to study jazz now and in the future.

Mary Porter lived a privileged life, had many interests and loved the arts. She supported many local arts organizations and charities throughout her lifetime. Through Mary’s unprecedented generous gift to the Community Foundation of Broward, the Gold Coast Jazz Society is among several local organizations who will receive much needed support.

After making Fort Lauderdale their homes, both Jeanette and Mary had the foresight to leave lasting legacies to the community they both loved. Please consider the Gold Coast Jazz Society in your estate planning.

To learn how you can leave a legacy or current charitable gift to the Gold Coast Jazz Society, contact our office, the Community Foundation of Broward, your attorney or financial advisor. Your gift can last beyond a lifetime.

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